Parts & Labor

Parts & Labor hail from Brooklyn, NY, and have been creating electronics-heavy psych/noise/punk/rock for over seven years. They cite the following bands as influences and are totally cool with you name-checking them: Hüsker Dü, Sonic Youth, Boredoms, Minutemen, Neutral Milk Hotel and Amps For Christ. They've performed with TV On The Radio, Mission Of Burma, Battles, Matt & Kim, Clinic, Deerhoof, Lightning Bolt, Harvey Milk, Oxbow and many, many more. In addition to maintaining a relentlessly busy touring schedule, the band also run their own label, the ever growing Cardboard Records.

P&L released their fourth LP (third for Jagjaguwar) in late 2008 to widespread acclaim. Receivers showcases their catchiest and darkest moods, reveling in a growing dynamic sensibility only hinted at in their previous work. Though they've maintained their love affair with glitchy oscillations and anthemic vocals, they are now utilizing the full possibilities of a band that was once a scrappy punk trio, and now a mature art-rock quartet. It's a heady mix of psych, noise, and pop influenced by the arty minimalism of Wire, the surreal pop of early Eno, and even the spaced out psychedelia of Dark Side-era Pink Floyd.  The album also features a unique sonic experiment: the band used audio samples sent by friends and fans to embellish their most adventurous full length to date.

To flesh out the roar of Receivers, P&L's founding members Dan Friel (vocals, electronics) and BJ Warshaw (vocals, bass) recruited drummer Joe Wong and guitarist Sarah Lipstate. Wong's motorik style perfectly complements the band's bombastic drone with uniquely repetitive rhythms augmented by jaw-dropping, furious fills. Lipstate implements a noisy-yet-folky guitar technique tinged with experimental electronics, cassette tape manipulations, and bowed double-neck guitar. The addition of a full time guitarist allowed Friel to focus on his signature keyboard effects, a unique 8-bit clarion call that remains the most recognizable element of this constantly evolving band.

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