Porn with Billy Gould & Thurston Moore

   If you've ever crossed paths with Porn mastermind Tim Moss, you know he looks like a fucking metal wizard and plays like Lucifer. The towering, long-haired, long-bearded California resident, Moss is the guiding force behind Porn.  This is a man skilled in compacting your skull like the trash collector, rattling gray matter with seriously psychedelic beauty and repetitive riffs thick enough to abbreviate your lung capacity. Although Moss steers clear of the conventional, his primary goal is not to piss people off -- that's just one of his many perks from the gig. He thrives on making brutal noise that exposes rock's gut parts as chunks of distortion and loops of feedback.

   Dale Crover, also of the Melvins, has been a due-paying member of Porn now for roughly 6 years. Creating the aural equivalent of shooting heroin while peaking on blotter acid, Crover is arguably the best drummer in Rock, period.

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