Prolapse formed in the summer of 1991 under a table at Leicester Polytechnic's Friday night disco, "With the aim of being the most depressing band ever", earned a cult following for their live set, particularly for the tension within songs such as "Tina This Is Matthew Stone", which were not so much sung as acted to a musical accompaniment. In 1993 they released two EPs on Cherry Red Records, "Crate" and "Pull Thru Barker", followed in 1994 by the single "Doorstop Rhythmic Bloc" and album Pointless Walks to Dismal Places, which won critical acclaim. After leaving Cherry Red records, they then went on to release a variety of singles and EPs on a bewildering number of different labels.In 1995, they released their second album backsaturday, which saw them experimenting with both repetitive grooves and ambient soundscapes. The album was preceded by the single "TCR", a fast-paced number which also featured on the subsequent US release of backsaturday. A remixed version of the 15-minute lead track "Flex" was also later issued as a limited edition 12" titled "Flexed".

Their third album The Italian Flag (1997) was an eclectic 13-track tour de force which saw Prolapse pick up significant radio play for the first time, particularly for the lead single "Killing The Bland" and its even more commercial-sounding follow-up "Autocade", though neither singles became hits. The album returned to the more melodic approach of the first LP, though now with a harder guitar sound, but this time there was also a whole diverse array of styles, earning the band many favourable reviews.

The final Prolapse LP was Ghosts of Dead Aeroplanes, released in 1999, after which the group drifted apart. As of 2005, Mick Derrick is working as an archaeologist in Norway, Pat Marsden lives in nearby Denmark, drummer Tim plays in MJ Hibbett & The Validators, while Linda Steelyard is a reporter for the Leicester Mercury. David Jeffreys was a professor of art at Savannah College of Art and Design.

In January 2015, Mick Derrick announced on Twitter that Prolapse would be reforming to play live dates later in the year.



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