Quinoline Yellow

 Luke Williams' early musical tastes were drawn from pirate radio stations in and about London around late 1993. Early Hardcore and Drum and Bass broadcasts became the first form of exposure to electronic music. This sound would pave the way towards further inquests and interest into this musical form. The now defunct London record shop Ambient Soho would also play a role in early musical education. It soon became apparent that the electronic music, artists and employees found within the shop would eventually inject the stimulus required to question how the music was generated and assembled.

With very little prior knowledge, several leaps of second-hand faith were made in around late 1994. The array of machines acquired at that time proved to be the ground base for his compositional beginnings and would also signal the start of a buying, exchanging and selling trend in electronic gear. A university place in 1997 managed to sustain a holding time for many more accomplished musical experimentations. It was not until the later years of his course, which he co-attended with friend and musician Myles Haughton (Duplo_Remote), did compositional advancements become truly evident.

In early 2000 an initial array of demo Mini-Discs evoked positive responses from a selection of recipients. These contacts lead to early appearances on a compilation for the now defunct Neo Ouija label and a pair of twelve inch sides under the aliases Quinoline Yellow and Tatamax for SKAM Records' SMAK series. All kit Quinoline Yellow performances were also touched on that same year, debuting for SKAM at a Futuresonic event in Manchester and at Warp Records' high profile Lighthouse Party soon after.

Quinoline Yellow has represented SKAM Records within the UK at Deselect, Vector, Kraked, Version, Furthur, Ginglik, Seed Records' infamous London Underground Parties and Wheels Instead of Hooves events, Warp's Nesh parties and various SKAM nights including their own (un-official) 10th birthday celebration tour. Festival and club performances in Japan and much of Europe have also aided in exposing his abilities to much wider audiences. Quinoline Yellow has supported and performed along side artists such as Mira Calix, Clark, μ-Ziq, Bola, Jega and Graham Massey. Luke Williams has performed twice as Quinoline Yellow at the 'All Tomorrows Parties' events, initially for electronic musical outfit Autechre in 2003 and secondly in 2005 for the artists Jake and Dinos Chapman. His debut Tatamax live showing was inspired by a personal invitation to perform at the Autechre ATP of 2003. This also marked Luke Williams' third 'All Tomorrows Parties' appearance.

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