Tarantula AD

Tarantula A.D. is very happy to announce the release of their first full-length record entitled Book of Sand. It is a colossal album of composition and sound; a rich journey into pure rawness and complete beauty; an epic beyond words. In it you shall encounter The Century Trilogy, where each movement acts as a pillar to support the temple of this recording. It is a three-tiered tale that moves simultaneously forwards and backwards ? constantly erecting itself anew with the very materials it just destroyed. You shall also find the bipedal Who Took Berlin, which exemplifies the metal musings and the moody orchestral methods of Tarantula A.D. Then there are the sibling songs, Sealake and Riverpond, which discard the shroud of darkness and move into the light. Prelude to The Fallis an outdoor reverie, The Lost Waltz a solo piano play, and Palo Borracho, a rusty tango.

And then there was the secret song, If you Deny Me, I?ll be Lost, that is obviously no longer a secret, but more importantly, no longer a part of this record. Tarantula A.D. had intended it to be a hidden gem, an inspired distraction, and compliment to the rest of the record that was serendipitously stumbled upon by listeners who left their CD players running too long. The band rarely sings with lyrics and this song in particular, a Tarantula-take on Gospel was a unique and essential element to Book of Sand. Unfortunately, the distributor considered it threatening to the value system of the religious-right and therefore unsuitable for release in America. Tarantula A.D. was enthralled to find out that a major corporation (one who will remain anonymous except for one small hint - their emblem/mascot is a rodent) would make efforts to censor a secret song on their first full-length release. How spectacular and how disappointing. Tarantula A.D. was hoping to be the first band to have an instrumental record with a parental advisory warning. No such luck. It was banned in the USA. Since Book of Sand will be distributed WITH the secret song outside of America, Tarantula A.D. thought it only fair that they offer the song free of charge right here so that the fans can have the album in it?s entirety, without the censorship of the politically religious. They want to give back to you what is rightfully yours as devoted fans. Please enjoy:

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