The Stickmen

The Stickmen emerged from Hobart’s iconic music scene of the 90s and with their unique brand of frenetic psychedelic surf/noise rock forged a reputation as one of the great live acts of the time. The Stickmen released two innovative albums before splitting in 1999 dissolving into obscurity. The Stickmen now reform to play “I’ll Be Your Mirror” Altona 2013.

There was unanimous praise from those that had seen them, few photos, no interviews, no egos, just two scarce yet astonishing CDs and myth, hovering like the stench of hops around the Cascade Brewery.

- Mess & Noise

The band are rough and gritty, with a rhythm section trained to motorik precision. This allowed the group’s turntablist to create riot- ous mess of distorted scratches and strange dentist’s drill effects, while Aldous Kelly’s guitar ricochets around like an errant chainsaw. His vocals are part shrill yowl, part Kiwi drawl, and every now and then a little bit of Birthday Party-era Nick Cave. By that descrip- tion, the music isn’t really punk (as the CD slip implies) but more a multi-faceted post-punk, combining rock & roll, blues, psychedelia, kraut- and surf-rock – which is delivered with an unpretentious ear- nestness. Whatever it is, it’s very good, and especially resonant for being so fleeting.

- Rave Mag

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