The Wytches

Hypnotic, Arabian funeral. Depression in the desert. Sepia rainbows.

This is the psychedelic nightmare spun by The Wytches, who are spreading their subversive message across England in the dark guise of 50s surf riffs, desert whips, melancholic shuffles and a kaleidoscopic stage performance that will put you under.

Formed in November 2011 after moving down from Peterborough, this Brighton based Surf/Doom three piece comprise of guitar / organ / lead vocalist Kristian; ADHD suffering drummer Gianni, and fiercely eloquent bassist Dan, who is currently writing an adventure novel by the name of The Curious Adventures of Charlie Revel; and mysterious second guitarist Mark, who's commitments at home and slight agoraphobic behaviour means that he will not leave Peterborough, and only expands the group to a quartet at home town shows.

The group have already gained a strong following from their debut single, and self produced video 'Digsaw', and have been gaining in notoriety since then, being featured on a number of new music blogs, and being included in Brighton's Sea Monsters Festival. Think Nirvana's Bleach, The Arctic Monkey's Humbug, The Horrors' Strange House and you're half way there; because with songs that make you feel dirty to sing, and undeniable rhythm that will have you moving against all efforts to resist, the Wytches are a band you will not easily forget.

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