US Maple

The line-up...

* Al Johnson - vocals
* Mark Shippy - high guitar
* Todd Rittman - low guitar
* Pat Samson - drums

In high school, the members of US Maple never said a word to anyone. And although this had disastrous results (shoes stolen and constant de-pantsing, taunting, gum in the hair, etc...), a fire was burning inside each one of them. A fire so dense, so specific, that all concerned salivated twice as much and swallowed twice as hard. This begs a question: Were they able to store enough saliva to douse these flames?!? ... Nope ... Oh, the Horror!

US Maple fit somewhere between Beefheart and Devo. The guitar noodlings are reminiscent of early Pere Ubu. The mumblings are slick, the melodies are souped-up and soured. The drums are spastic bursts of laughter, rocket fuel and confetti. All this fronted by a singer who reminds one or the other of Kevin Costner's stoner brother, but reminds most of a crazed lounge singer, fresh out of an intense session of electro-shock therapy, bellowing, whooping, and hissing while still retaining a slick 'n' suave charisma. Bar chords and microphones, run for your lives!!!

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