White Out with Nels Cline

New York's pioneer experimental project White Out combusted onto the scene in the fall of 1995. The highly charged freakout style of White Out's early live shows quickly established the band's reputation.

Armed with a unique arsenal of instruments (analog synthesizers, autoharp, flute, drums, gongs, bells, chains, etc.) White Out launched a radically new sound, the likes of which had never been heard before.

The band's open-ended invitation to other like-minded innovators to join them in their sonic conspiracy has sired an eclectic mix of collaborators. In recent years they have enjoyed playing regularly with maestro renaissance man Jim O'Rourke, with whom they have recorded two albums to date. Other comrades in instrumental arms have included Thurston Moore, Mike Watt, Nels Cline, William Winant and David Nuss (NNCK).

White Out has put out two critically acclaimed recordings on Moore's Ecstatic Peace label. Their first album Red Shift was dubbed "son-of-a-Bitches Brew" by ALTERNATIVE PRESS. Their second release Drunken Little Mass was described by XLR8R as "an improvised intergalactic escapade into the nether regions of the universe... a universe of chaos, tension and beauty."

Their latest release China Is Near on the All Tomorrow's Parties label, is a collaboration with Jim O'Rourke and percussionist William Winant: "China speaks in an alien tongue that nonetheless conveys wonder and horror in equal measure... any discussion of truly adventurous music today must include White Out". TIME OUT NEW YORK

White Out has performed at the ALL TOMORROW'S PARTIES, CMJ and SKIF II festivals. They were also guests of the Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble and have gigged from coast to coast.

White Out remains steadfast in its efforts to achieve an incendiary new music, whose time has come. Don't try this at home.

"Yours truly, Nels Cline, is best known as a guitarist, is sometimes known to have penned a composition or two, and is often known for largely improvised forays into sound, melody, and rhythm. I was born in Los Angeles, CA in 1956. I have a twin brother named Alex who is also a musician (and a damned fine one at that!). After a long run of mostly obscure activities in the U.S. and Europe (see the Discography Dept. for added clues and/or insights), I have landed in a rather notable ROCK band called WILCO. This occurred in Spring of 2004, and it is a real pleasure, let me tell you. I'm still doing a lot of other music when time allows, and this site is the place to find out about all of that. My working band that plays my own type of instrumental music is called THE NELS CLINE SINGERS. As it is the nature of so-called "jazz" and freely improvised musics, I am often found collaborating with a large and sometimes unpredictable pool of musicians from all over the place." (From www.nelscline.com)

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