Youpi Youpi Yeah

Because for some, music is an absolute, daily, eternal necessity; because the passion always congregates; these musicians have set up Youpi Youpi Yeah...

Joe Hell: Singer in Parisian punk legends Oberkampf (

Delphine 13: Les Bolinos and Spider X in Paris, provided bass and backing vocals for Love and Rockets on "Sweet FA".

Dimi Dero: Former journalist for Rock & Folk, produced Jerry Spider Gang's first album: "Porn in the Bayou." Drummer for the Groovers (2 LPs, now on the US label Blood Red), occasional drummer for Nikki Sudden (R.I.P.). Has collaborated on compositions for Theatre with Warren Ellis and Mick Harvey

Jean Zundel: Bassist in Dazibao (released 3 LPs, toured Europe and Canada).Played guitar with Dr Knock and joined Knou in 2002.

Do Caillierez: Plays successively with Alice Botté, Les Naines Blanches, Les Boyle, Amoroso, Alpha Jerk, Apple Red, Kni Crik (2 LPs: "Le Massacre du Printemps" and "Foudre"), Sewing Machine... he forms Knou in 2001.

After Knou split up, Delphine, Jean and Do asked Joe Hell to join them in order to make noise and possibly more, Dimi then arrived as the drummer and pushed the band ahead to full speed.

What next? The story is being written right now. See you soon...

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