ATP Facebook Pop Quiz - Round 2 Answers & Leaderboard

Monday 28th March, 2011

We are running a special Pop Quiz Competition on Facebook in which three lucky teams can win 4 Tickets + Accommodation at the festival! Two prizes for those with superior music knowledge and one prize for those coming up with the best team name. Entrants should email with Pop Quiz in the subject line to register a team name - you can still start playing even though we've started - you might still win or win the prize for best team name! At 1.30pm today we put the second round of 5 questions up, one every five minutes as different consecutive posts on the ATP Facebook Page:

Another 5 follow at 1.30pm on Wednesday 30th and the final 5 on Friday 1st March at 1.30pm. Each question will be about a different artist on the line-up - with some answers to be found on the line-up bio pages on our site and others to be found elsewhere online!

Teams part by commenting on the Facebook question posts with their team name and answer. The first three teams to get the correct answer earn a point. The two winning teams will be those who get the most points over the 20 questions. There will also be a prize picked by ATP for best team name - that team will also win 4 Tickets + Accommodation.

Here are the answers to round two:

6. Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - Fill in the missing word to complete the song title: Every Night I Die at [...]    

Answer: Miyagis

7. Gang Gang Dance - Which terrible artist has to pay royalties to Gang Gang Dance after shamelessly ripping them off last year?

Answer: Florence And The Machine

8. Meat Puppets - Name the ninth song on Up On The Sun

Answer: Enchanted Porkfist

9. Teengirl Fantasy - What online magazine announced Teengirl Fantasy's Cheaters as their Best Track of 2010?

Answer: Fact

10. The Entrance Band - The Entrance Band's bassist plays on which Silver Jews album?

Answer: Tanglewood Numbers

And here's how the leaderboard is looking after round 2...

1. Wayne Coyne took Acid with my mother and he thought she was fighting pink robots - 7 points
2. Velocirapists - 5 points
3. Lee Scratch Perry Fire Prevention Service - 4 points
4. Bradford's Cocks - 3 points
4. Four Reverend's Team - 3 points
4. Yoda vs. Yeti on the Plains of Serengeti - 3 points
5. ATParty Crashers - 1 point
5. Bumfish - 1 point
5. the Crystal Methodists - 1 point
5. Stereolabia - 1 point
5. The Vince Cables - 1 point

We still have two more rounds with 10 points to play for so it can still all change!