ATP Facebook Pop Quiz - Winners + Special Runner Up Offer!

Friday 1st April, 2011

Here are the answers to the final round of our ATP Animal Collective Pop Quiz...

Question 16. Black Dice - Name the split tour single released by Black Dice / Animal Collective in 2004

Answer: Wastered

Question 17. Khaira Arby - Name Khaira Arby's album released on the Clermont Music label in 2010

Answer: Timbuktu Tarab

Question 18. Oneohtrix Point Never - What label released last year's Returnal album?

Answer: Editions Mego

Question 19. Sublime Frequencies Djs + Films - Name the first album released by the Sublime Frequencies label (SF001)?

Answer: Folk and Pop Sounds of Sumatra Vol.1

Question 20. Zomby - Zomby's music was recently used as a concert interlude by which pop star?

Answer: Lady Gaga

Here is the final leaderboard - congratulations to the teams in positions 1 and 2 who both win a Four Berth chalet to ATP Animal Collective.

Sorry if you didn't win - but thanks for playing and as a special runner up prize for taking part in our first ever Facebook pop quiz every team can book a chalet for ATP Animal Collective with £20 off per person - get in touch via to book!

If you didn't take part remember tickets are still on sale via Seetickets - this will be our only ATP festival this May so don't miss out!

Final results:

1. Velocirapists - 14 points
2. Wayne Coyne took Acid with my mother and he thought she was fighting pink robots - 11 points
3. Lee Scratch Perry Fire Prevention Service - 9 points
4. Four Reverend's Team - 5 points
5. Yoda vs. Yeti on the Plains of Serengeti - 5 points
6. Bradford's Cocks - 3 points
6. The Vince Cables - 3 points
7. the Crystal Methodists - 2 points
7. James Blake Can Suck My Big Black Dick - 2 points
8. ATParty Crashers - 1 point
8. Bumfish - 1 point
8. It's all in Mein Head! - 1 point
8. Stereolabia - 1 point
8. The Tau of T'Pau - 1 point
8. Colonic Irrigation Sucks Ass - 1 point

Winner of best team name as picked by everyone in the ATP office goes to:

It's All In Mein Head!

They also win a 4 berth chalet! We'll be in touch with all of the winners via email soon.