When Is It?

The festival takes place on two days - Friday 28th and Saturday 29th June, 2013. The music will run from 6pm to 2am each day (times subject to change) with around 20 acts set to play live across the two days.

Where Is It?

ATP Iceland will be held at Ásbrú, the former NATO base in Keflavík, Iceland. The former NATO base dates back to 1941 and the last US military personnel left in 2006. The site is located only 5 minutes away from Iceland's main international airport, 15 minutes from the famous Blue Lagoon and 30 minutes from Reykjavík. The festival site will host two indoor stages and a cinema with films picked by ATP and the bands, as well as the usual ATP extracurricular activities like DJs, Pop Quiz (hosted by Dr. Gunni - musician, music writer and host of pop quiz TV show Popppunktur for eight seasons) and much more. The capacity for the intimate festival is just 4000 people.

Origins of the word Ásbrú:

Ásbrú is the bridge that the old Nordic gods, the Aesir, built between Midgard, home of men, and Asgard, home of the gods, and can be seen from the earth as the rainbow. One end of Ásbrú is in the heavens, at Himinbjörg (Sky Mountain) where the god Heimdall lives.

Ásbrú is strongly built, but it will nonetheless crumble at Ragnarok, the end of times, when the evil sons of Muspell will cross it. According to the Nordic mythology the red colour of the rainbow (Ásbrú) is a fire that burns in the sky. The fire prevented the ice trolls and mountain ogres to cross the bridge.

Daily the Aesir ride across Ásbrú to Urdarbrunnur, the well of Urdur, which is where the gods hold their court. Urdarbrunnur is located under the roots of Ash Yggdrasil, the world tree. The three witches of fate, Urdur, Verdandi, and Skuld, live at Urdarbrunnur. Thor, god of thunder, can not cross Ásbrú so he must cross mighty rivers to reach his destination at Urdarbrunnur.

What Are The Different Ticket Types? What Is A Berth?

There are two types of weekend tickets available - with or without accommodation - both types are on sale now from this link...

Type 1 - without accommodation:

A normal festival ticket which allows access to the event without accommodation. These are priced at 16,900 ISK / 105 EUR (+ booking fee) per person.

Type 2 - with accommodation:

A festival ticket including accommodation. These are a limited amount of festival tickets that include two nights accommodation in private rooms at the Bed And Breakfast Keflavík, a very short walk from the event. There are shared kitchen facilities with cooking/dining utensils included. Bedding is included. Check-in for accommodation is from 12pm noon on Friday 28th June and checkout is by 12pm noon on Sunday 30th. There are two sizes of room:

2 berth - This includes two festival passes and a room for two people for the Friday and Saturday nights. Two rooms share one bathroom; which has either a shower or bath and of course a sink & toilet. These rooms have two single beds. Price for 2 people: 69,800 ISK / 430 EUR (+ booking fee) including 2 festival tickets.

4 berth – This includes four festival passes and a room for four people for Friday and Saturday nights. This option has two adjoining rooms with a bathroom located in the middle, which has either a shower or bath and of course a sink & toilet. One room has a double bed and the other room has two single beds. Price for 4 people: 139,600 ISK / 862 EUR (plus booking fee) including 4 festival tickets.

When you go on the ticket site you will see the options are described as Berths. What this means is that when you buy one of these, it provides you with the numbered amount of passes for the festival plus a room for those people to stay in for the weekend - so a 2 berth would give you 2 wristbands and a room for 2 people for the weekend.

Day Tickets are also available priced at 9,900 ISK / 61 Euros (+booking fee).

What If I Have A Problem With My Ticket Order?

If you have a problem with your ticket order, first you should go back to point of purchase with your enquiry. Here are the contacts details for the companies we sell festival tickets through:

Ticketscript / Official ATP Ticketstore: Please direct all ticket buying queries to support@ticketscript.co.uk.  Please also see the following link that lists a number of commonly asked questions: http://company.ticketscript.com/uk/support/

Midi.is: Phone +354 540 9800 or website: http://midi.is/ContactUs
If you are still encountering problems and haven't received a satisfactory answer then please email feedback(at)atpfestival.com

When Will I Receive My Tickets?

Tickets booking through Ticketscript will be held at Willcall and can be collected with photo ID and the credit card used to pay for the tickets from the box office at the event.

Those in Iceland that buy tickets through midi.is can bring their email confirmation and ID to the festival in exchange for a festival pass / accommodation, or alternatively take their confirmation to Brim, Laugavegur 71, 101 Reykjavík and pick up a physical ticket which you can bring to receive your festival pass / accommodation.

What Times Can I Check In / Check Out Of Accommodation?

If you have bought tickets including accommodation - the reception at the accommodation is open 24/7.
Check in for this event starts Friday June 28th at noon.
Latest checkout is by noon 12pm on Sunday morning.

I'm Arriving On Thursday Night - Can I Check In Then?

Unfortunately not, sorry. The festival package with accommodation only includes the Friday and Saturday. However, if you want to buy extra nights in the festival accommodation you can book a room via http://www.bbkeflavik.com or alternatively there are other accommodation options nearby.

How Do I Get To The Site?

Main venue location:

Atlantic Studios
Grænasbraut 501
235 Reykjanesbær

Accommodation address:

Bed and Breakfast Keflavík
Valhallarbraut 761
235 Reykjanesbær

From Keflavík International airport:

The easiest option is to take a taxi at the taxi-stand outside the airport. The festival site is a 5-minute drive away. A good taxi number in Keflavík is +354 420 12 12.


From Reykjavík:

Reykjavík Excursions offer return bus transfers form Reykjavík to ATP Iceland festival site at Ásbrú. Bus transfers are available to purchase here.

There is limited on-site parking so please, if you are coming with three friends please all arrive in the same car- not four separate ones. Once the car park is full you will have to park elsewhere, so be prepared!

A good taxi number in Keflavik is +354 420 12 12 - we would recommend pre-booking a taxi because otherwise there may be a wait.

Please note we provide this info as a convenience to festivalgoers only. We aren't connected with these transport companies and we do not make any representations concerning them.

How to get to Iceland:

For overview of flights from UK and other countries we recommend www.dohop.com


Can I Park On-Site?

There is limited on-site parking so please, if you are coming with three friends please all arrive in the same car- not four separate ones. Once the car park is full you will have to park elsewhere, so be prepared!

Also, please be considerate when parking and do not block any exits as this will result in your car being towed off site.

What Time Do The Bands Start On Friday And Finish On Sunday?

The programme will start at 6pm on Friday and 6pm on Saturday. A full schedule of times for all performances will be posted up on this website nearer to the time.

Music usually finishes at around 2am.

What Else Is There To Do?

Apart from nursing a hangover, there is the Blue Lagoon, a mere 15 minute drive away (this is not to be missed!), Cinema (with films picked by ATP and the bands), DJs, Book Club, Pop Quiz hosted by Dr. Gunni and of course the town of Keflavík where there are some very nice places to eat, pubs, museums to visit, shopping etc.

Life on a NATO Base
Exhibition guided tour

At ATP Iceland we will offer a guided tour to the exhibition 'Life on a NATO Base' that focuses on the everyday lives of U.S. soldiers and their families during their tour of duty at Naval Air Station Keflavik (NASKEF), Iceland.

For over half a century, more than 200,000 U.S. citizens lived and worked at NASKEF along with thousands of Icelandic employees That is a high number considering that the Icelandic population is barely more than 300,000.

The gates to NASKEF were closed in September 2006, marking the end of an era. The exhibition is a beginning of a conversation that looks at different cultures and how they coexisted during this time.

The exhibition opened in May 2013.

The tour starts at Andrews Theatre at 14:00 with a short walk towards the exhibition with interesting stories on the way.

Price 1,000 ISK (approx. 5 GBP).

For more information:

Where Do I Go If I Have A Problem Over The Weekend?

If you have any problem over the weekend with your accommodation, please go to the main reception firstly to see if anyone there can help. If they can't help or you have a more festival related problem or enquiry, head over to the ATP Production office and ask if you can speak to Tomas, Barry or Deborah from ATP.

Is There A Cash Machine/ATM On Site?

No, there is not so please make sure you either bring cash or your credit card/ debit card and have your pin-number memorized. There are ATMs at Keflavik International Airport and in the town of Keflavik.

What Happens If I Lose/Break My Wristband?

If you break your wristband please come to the main reception. You must bring the broken wristband  with you so it can be replaced straight away.

Our Band Would Love To Play ATP And We Are Great - How Can We Play?

Sorry but all acts and DJ's playing ATP are selected by us or our curators and by the time we announce the event we/they already have a list as long as their arms of acts they would like to invite. So if you haven't been invited it is not likely to happen. Sorry, maybe next year?

What About Under 18s/Can They Attend?

No, they cannot, unfortunately. This festival has an age limit of 20 years.

I Have A Stall At Other Festivals - Can I Come And Sell At Yours?

The only merchandise we currently sell is ATP merchandise like T-shirts and Posters, and also merchandise by artists performing at the event. All food and drink are provided by the venues so please do not contact us regarding food/drink vending.

Who Do I Speak To About Press Accreditation?

For press related questions & accreditation requests, please contact Kamilla Ingibergsdóttir - email: kamilla@omstrid.is

Can I Buy A Ticket Without Accommodation?

Yes, you can! The majority of tickets for this festival are tickets without accommodation. Head over to our Event Info page for full details on different Ticket Types.

What About Disabled Access?

Both music venues and the cinema are accessible for the disabled. If you're concerned about mobility issues, please get in touch with us directly at feedback @ atpfestival.com so we can give you full details.

What About Food & Drink? Can I Bring In My Own?

The venues will host their own excellent food and drink stalls. If you book tickets including accommodation, they will have shared kitchen facilities.

There is also a small shop onsite to buy essentials. Please note that no beer or other alcohol beverages are sold in convenience stores in Iceland.

Bringing in food and drink from outside into the festival venues is not allowed; If any ATP attendees ignore this, their alcohol will be removed. If any attendees repeatedly ignore this, they may be asked to leave. If the venue feel that this request is being ignored then further action might be taken, which could include the searching of vehicles entering the festival site. Therefore, they, and we, do request that you try not to bring your own alcohol.

Can I Take Photos/Video?

Sorry but no professional type cameras or recording devices will be allowed in the venues.

By entering the event site you agree to being filmed or photographed which may be used for marketing or promotional purposes.

Are Tickets Refundable?

No sorry, as stated before you buy, tickets are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

Is There A Bar At The Event?

Yes, there will be a bar in each of the two venues that will be serving drinks until the festival programme finishes.

Who Is The Poster Artist?

About the Artist Mark Ryden:

Blending themes of pop culture with techniques reminiscent of the old masters, Mark Ryden has created a singular style that blurs the traditional boundaries between high and low art. His work first garnered attention in the 1990s when he ushered in a new genre of painting, "Pop Surrealism", dragging a host of followers in his wake. Ryden has trumped the initial surrealist strategies by choosing subject matter loaded with cultural connotation.

Ryden’s vocabulary ranges from cryptic to cute, treading a fine line between nostalgic cliché and disturbing archetype. Seduced by his infinitely detailed and meticulously glazed surfaces, the viewer is confronted with the juxtaposition of the childhood innocence and the mysterious recesses of the soul. A subtle disquiet inhabits his paintings; the work is achingly beautiful as it hints at darker psychic stuff beneath the surface of cultural kitsch. In Ryden's world cherubic girls rub elbows with strange and mysterious figures. Ornately carved frames lend the paintings a baroque exuberance that adds gravity to their enigmatic themes.

Mark Ryden received a BFA in 1987 from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. His paintings have been exhibited in museums and galleries worldwide, including a retrospective “Wondertoonel” at the Frye Museum of Art in Seattle and Pasadena Museum of California Art, and in the exhibition "The Artist's Museum" at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles. He currently lives and works in Los Angeles.