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Selected Press from ATP New York 2009:

"ATP is an animal all of its own. There is an energy that is positive, creative and palpable. Musicians wander about the grounds, checking out the bands. The sound system is killer." - Brooklyn Vegan

"ATP is, in short, what indie rock was always supposed to be...ATP is indie rock at it's best." - The New Yorker

"All Tomorrow's Parties is built on passion...This event takes sound seriously. Somebody in the organisation is aware that the small, judicious audience for something like this...wants to feel music physically. All weekend, the sound was loud and broad and clear." - The New York Times

"An explosion of euphoria in a creaky old Catskills resort...a weekend of musical delights. ATP remains by far the best organised, friendliest festival around." - Rolling Stone

"Essentially a perfect weekend...Well done, ATP." - Entertainment Weekly

"A magical indie rock fantasyland with a stellar lineup and impeccable lighting and sound engineering...I hope to never miss another ATP NY again." - Obscene NYC

"A festival experience like no other...Lines are non-existent; it's easy to find a spot up-close to the stage to watch your favourite band; beer is plentiful; there's seating outside by the lake; and artists wander about with the normal folk." - Spin

"The year's finest festival. If anything, this year felt more celebratory (and debauched) than 2008." - Stereogum

"Wish every fest was like this...a magical weekend." - Shirley Braha, New York Noise

"An amazing experience." - Yahoo Music

"Positive vibes all around." - AV Club

"A magical weekend...we're ridiculously spoilt for choice. With a bit of luck...we can do it all again next year." - Drowned In Sound

"The most focused music festival on the planet. The lineup is unique, the atmosphere is crazily mellow...Not many festivals are interested in making diehard music fans feel appreciated, or even necessary, and ATP makes that its whole point." - Fader

"It felt like New Year's Eve, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Hug a Unicorn Day and my birthday, all rolled into one. I couldn't believe another year of insanely good bands was over already." - NY Press

"I may never attend a different festival again." - Pop Tarts Suck Toasted

"Nothing like your normal three day music fest. Artistic integrity is the word of the day." - ABC News

"Felt a little like the coolest prom all-out sensory overload...we'll be down for it again this time next year." - GQ

"Incomparable...Unlike anything i've ever attended...It was, without doubt, the best festival I've attended this year if not of all time." - I Guess I'm Floating

"You'll see me at Kutshers in 2010." - Brooklyn Vegan

"A kind of utopia was successfully brought off last weekend at incredible adventure in cultural escapism." - New York magazine

Selected Press from ATP New York 2008:

“Most of the bands seem to be strolling the grounds with the fans, unlike most festivals, where the stars seem to hide in their’s quaint, unique location has provided the event an easy-going summer camp vibe...ATP was a great example of what a festival should be- manageable, full of cool people and boasting a solid was a pretty perfect weekend.” - Billboard

“ATP retained a do-it-yourself scale, with just 2,700 ticketholders and no corporate sponsors.” – New York Times

“One of the cosiest festivals i’ve ever seen: outside of the venues, artists like Kevin Shields are just milling about, and it’s wonderfully uncrowded...relaxed and comfortable.” – Rolling Stone

“ATP NY was the most enjoyable festival experience i’ve ever had in my life. It didn’t feel like a festival, either. It felt like summer camp, or a conference or convention. A gathering of like-minded people with similar tastes.” – Pitchfork

“This was surely one of ATP’s finest ever events.” – The Independent

“This is a blast and not an experience I would trade for the mindblowing and rewarding, don’t think i’ll ever need to go to SXSW again. I’ve going to save my pennies and eardrums for ATP every year....If you ever have the chance to go to ATP, beg, borrow, steal, sell plasma...whatever you have to do. It’s pretty much heaven for the right kind of music fan....simple no one throws down quite like All Tomorrow’s Parties.” – Seattle Weekly

“An unforgettable end to the summer festival season.” – Spin

“The first of what will hopefully become an annual iteration of Britain’s venerated ATP festival.” – Village Voice

“Wonderfully surreal...the fact that the fest is entirely without corporate sponsors or complicated tiers of VIP access makes it truly a unique event.” – Stereogum

“All in all, I think the entire weekend can be summed up with some on-stage banter between members of the Brian Jonestown Massacre:
‘This whole thing is like a weird dream where all your favourite bands are all playing at once...except you aren’t getting any sleep’
Amen, brother.” – Brooklyn Vegan

“ATP represented a veritable world of wonders” – Boston Phoenix

“ATP was the summer rock camp...dreams come to life.” – Entertainment Weekly

“I think part of me is still there.” – SFBG

“A fantastic festival. It was a blast.” – WMFU

“Now I see how lucky the Brits are...[ATP NY] certainly ranks among the highlights of my life.” - Gigwise