Nightmare Before Christmas curated by Battles/Caribou/Les Savy Fav

On Sale Now! Free Battles, Caribou & Les Savy Fav Mixtapes Released!

09 Dec 2011 to 11 Dec 2011 at Butlin's Holiday Centre, Minehead, UK


Merchandise from Battles/Caribou/Les Savy Fav ATP now online.

12 Apr 2012 13:14

The Black and Burgundy sweatshirts from last December's ATP Nightmare Before Christmas festival curated by Battles, Caribou and Les Savy Fav are now available from our online store....

ATP Membership Re-opens Until End Of January

22 Dec 2011 10:57

ATP Membership has re-opened - Gold membership includes discounted tickets to IBYM London & Nightmare Before Xmas 2012...

ATP Nightmare Before Christmas - Thank You!

13 Dec 2011 13:02

Thanks to all that came to ATP's Nightmare Before Christmas this weekend! We think it was one of our best ever - you were a wonderful crowd and we thank you for supporting the event. Thanks also go out of course to our incredible curators Les Savy Fav, Battles and Caribou who all did a fantastic job, to all of the performers and other great people that contributed to making it a wonderful weekend...

ATP Nightmare Before Christmas starts today - so do the ATP Alt Advents!

09 Dec 2011 09:41

It's Nightmare Before Christmas day! We hope your journeys to the event all go well, check-in starts from 12pm! We hope you have an amazing weekend....

Author Michael Sayeau added to Laphams Quarterly book discussions

08 Dec 2011 16:02

A great last minute addition to our Book Discussions this weekend led by Laphams Quarterly - Verso author Michael Sayeau will be joining us to discuss City Of Quartz (picked by Battles). Michael is a professor at University College London, a book reviewer for the New Statesman, and the author of a book called Against the Event...