ATP's Pop-up Shop 'ATP TERMINAL' Is Officially Open For Business

Tuesday 27th May, 2014

ATP TERMINAL is officially open for business tomorrow! ATP TERMINAL is ATP's pop-up store, open for the next 3 months on Dray Walk, just off Brick Lane, Shoreditch. 

The store will be selling ATP merchandise, event tickets with no booking fee, limited edition art prints from past events, will host an art gallery, artist lounge and an ATP Radio station. In addition, the shop will stock some of our carefully curated, favourite items such as sundials, self programmable music boxes, electronic sheep knitwear, the best designed travel adapter you ever did see and Tim Tam Slams.

We will be open from 11am - 7pm every day. Tonight we will also be kicking off ATP Radio, the online station broadcasting from the shop during it's 3 month tenure. Jason Spaceman will be hosting the first show, Radio Spaceman from 5pm - 7pm, followed by ATP's very own Barry Hogan from 7pm - 9pm.

Featuring artists from ATP Festivals, ATP Recordings and other friends of ATP, the radio station will operate with live and recorded shows from international friends of ATP during opening hours from 11am - 7pm every day.

The ATP Terminal is your point of connection with all the great events ATP will be putting on over the next few months including;

Neil Young and ATP Iceland with Portishead, Interpol and Mogwai in July
Jabberwocky with Neutral Milk Hotel, Darkside, James Blake and Caribou with Pitchfork and Primavera in London in August
ATP Stage at Primavera Sound in Spain and Portugal
ATP OFF Before Party for the OFF Festival in Poland

Start your journey to the best summer festivals at ATP TERMINAL, Shop 12, Dray Walk, just off Brick Lane and a stones throw from Rough Trade East.

Tune into ATP Radio HERE

Watch the promo video for ATP TERMINAL