Michael Rother

Well-known for his incredible work in NEU!, Harmonia and Kraftwerk – bands whose music shaped much of rock and electronica to today – multi-instrumentalist and composer Michael Rother’s cult status is largely due to his infrequent touring and elusive recordings. Fans of his ‘70s art-rock catalogue will be treated to some of his most important and popular work on this tour.

Rother could be said to be responsible for the huge wave of popularity that art-rock, Krautrock and experimental electronica rode in the ‘70s, making him a pretty important figure in contemporary music’s history. A precursor to trance, electro-pop and experimental art-rock, Rother pioneered hypnotic and intense beats as well as spacious, avant-garde sounds that characterized the work of NEU!.

Previous collaborative partners include Sonic Youth’s drummer Steve Shelley, John Frusciante and Red Hot Chili Peppers. In 2010, Rother and his band Hallogallo played New York’s ATP festival.

Rother’s music features incredible synthesizer sounds that will transport you to another time – the future that was imagined in the past, a different world; a space age daydream.