Big Pretentious Mix CD Swap

ATP attendeee Matt Griffiths has setup a Big Pretentious Mix CD Swap for this year's Nightmare Before Christmas. Here are his rules:

"The aim: Bring a 10 Track Mix CD and give it to a perfect stranger as an Xmas present. These aren't rules, they are merely guidelines-

- You must swap your mix with a total stranger. You've probably been forcing your far superior music taste on to your close friends for years. Time to spread your wings, now is the perfect time.

- 10 Tracks long please! This is more of a challenge to you.....the creator. I'm sure you're already thinking about opening tracks, what leads well in to what, themes, bringing out the obscure, a balance of serious music with just the right amount of light hearted moments and more importantly including your favourite b-side.

- This is a pretentious mix - Give it a pretentious name

- This is a pretentious mix - Give it a pretentious cover / or wrap it in Xmas wrapping paper.

- Include the names of Artists / Tracks - some people won't know what's on your mix so don't keep it a secret. And it'll be handy in the car for the journey home.

- This is just a guideline, you put as much or as little effort in to this as you like. The aim is to have a bit of Fun with it and you can make as many mixes as you like....."

The exact time and place of the swap is going to take be confirmed along with the event stage times next week - but we wanted to let you know now so you have more time to make your mix. To RSVP for the swap go here on Facebook.

We hope to see a lot of you there and if it's a success maybe we'll make it a regular event for ATP festivals!

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