Phil Manley Life Coach

Phil Manley Life Coach is as much a musical project as it is an inspirational voyage. One might recognize Phil Manley from some of his other projects including Trans Am, the Fucking Champs, and Oneida.

 Life Coach includes elements from all of these acts, but is more focused on the transmission of pure energy from the stage to the audience.  This energy is at times soothing and other times challenging.

 But mostly, the energy Phil Manley Life Coach transmits is one of pure inspiration.  His live set is known for its calming projections, chanting mantras, wild improvisations and low frequency drones that transcend the normal live concert experience.  Musical touchstones include Krautrock, New Age, Ambient, and Noise.  

A new age guru, perhaps?

A musical genius, who knows?  An inspiration to us all, definitely.


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