Underground Resistance presents Interstellar Fugitives

From the infinite beyond they came. The ones who had their fill of programmed music designed to do nothing beyond drug the masses with sounds designed to block the flow of rational thought. The Interstellar Fugitives were and are a collective of musically minded individuals who come together under the banner of Underground Resistance, each individual interpreting what a particular musical concept means for himself and expressing that.

Their first project explored genetics and memetics, and introduced the concept of the R-1, a gene (or perhaps “meme”) that was at the root of an individual’s ability to resist when everything says to comply. Adopting code names, the Fugitives would record and perform under those names. Some, like Mad Mike, Drexciya and the Suburban Knight were already known to fans of UR. Others, like the Aztec Mystic and the Chameleon had recorded with UR under different names in the past. Some were new figures, like the Deacon and Perception.

Their second project examined the relation between Chaos and Order and how just as the creation of Order from Chaos can be a good thing, Chaos bringing on the Destruction of Order can be just as potent a force of good.

Again, the Interstellar Fugitive projects are bound by a common theme, with each member finding their own expression often collaborating with each other to create a sum much greater than its parts.


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