Violent Soho

Violent Soho is and has always been just the four of us. We're all friends from similar backgrounds who went to the same pseudo-sanctimonious high school. After graduation it was realised that the town we come from doesn't offer too much of interest for young outsiders and so naturally we started playing music that allowed us to push out all the fustration and dread that we felt from our surroundi...ngs. We started by rehearsing and recording demos in our parent's garages and playing shows wherever we could get them. Over time we grew into the band we are today. Our shows are often very aggressive and full of fervor. We're not about trying to be musically extravagant or ornate; rather, we feel that what makes us a band is simply who we are and the resolute condition that we are all in.

We've played major festivals around the world as well as played and toured with bands like Dinosaur Jr, Built To Spill, The Bronx, The Black Keys, Trail of Dead, The Dead Weather, Black Francis, Magic Dirt, Grinspoon and countless others.