David Toop & Tania Chen


Tania Chen is a leading interpreter of John Cage, Cornelius Cardew and Morton Feldman, and a performance and video artist, experimental musician and free improviser. She performs, composes and improvises on piano, keyboards, digital, vintage electronics and found objects.

Her adventures in the world of free improvisation have led to many musical collaborations with John Tilbury, Steve Beresford, Henry Kaiser, Wadada Leo Smith and many others. She performs regularly with the band Tender Buttons with Gino Robair and Tom Djll comprising analog synthesizers, digital electronics, keyboards and piano.

Her musical performances have taken her across the globe from Berlin, London and Tokyo, to San Francisco, LA, New York and beyond. Her recordings include John Cage's "Music of Changes" for solo piano, Cornelius Cardew & Michael Parsons' Piano Music, the group Bad Jazz "Bad Dreams in the Night" & "Tincture"; "Ointment" with Steve Beresford, and two forthcoming recordings with the group Tender Buttons and "Ocean of Storms" with Henry Kaiser, William Winant and Wadada Leo Smith.



David Toop is a composer/musician, author and curator based in London who has worked in many fields of music, writing, arts and theory. He has recorded Yanomami shamanism in Amazonas, appeared on Top of the Pops with the Flying Lizards, exhibited sound installations internationally, and worked with artists including John Zorn, Evan Parker, Bob Cobbing, Ivor Cutler, Akio Suzuki and Rie Nakajima. His published books include Ocean of Sound, Rap Attack, Haunted Weather, and Sinister Resonance.

Since 1975 he has released nine solo albums, including Screen Ceremonies, Black Chamber and Sound Body, and as a theorist and critic has written for many publications. Exhibitions he has curated include Sonic Boom at the Hayward Gallery, London and Playing John Cage at Arnolfini, Bristol. His opera - Star-shaped Biscuit - was performed in Aldeburgh in 2012.

His next book - volume 1 of Into the Maelstrom: Improvisation, Music and the Dream of Freedom. - will be published in May 2016. He is Chair of Audio Culture and Improvisation at University of the Arts London.


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