Dawn Hunger

"Dawn Hunger was written for a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist to perform.  I was interested in the concept of composing for musicians and not being involved in the live performance." - Andrew Hung

DAWN HUNGER is a new project from Fuck Buttons' Andrew Hung.

With DAWN HUNGER, Andrew heads down a new Svengali-like path, where he writes, records and produces music and then collaborates with a series of new musicians. To begin this infinite electronic odyssey, DAWN HUNGER is interpreted and performed live by Claire Inglis and Matthew de Pulford. Throughout this collaborative process we see the generation of identity; an interpretation of self. Actions become objects and being gives way to a newfound sense of soul.

This is music that is both turbulent and disconcerting. Bereft of excess; jagged components are given space to breathe and move, attracting each other into unsettling frenzy. Groove is redefined by unhinged yet locked drums. The female voice screeches and wails to disturb, and compel in equal measures.