Drexciyan DJ Stingray

Sherard Ingram unleashes his debut recorded material under the Drexciyan DJ Stingray moniker, making his super-developed strand of hyper-speed aquatic electro available to public consumption for the very first time. This is, of course, impeccably produced material, the percussive programming here underpinned by that signature padded bassline that envelops the tracks with immense warmth despite their frenetic pace. Drexciyan signatures are also littered around the tracks, discordant 8-bit malfunctions and an eerie science fiction obsession leaving archetypal markers for those of you always on the lookout for these subtle connections to days gone by. "Silicon Romance" is by far the best thing here, not a million miles removed from the more recent Urban Tribe material, and full of those stylistic signatures that have gained Ingram such a dedicated following over the last decade. Excellent stuff.

- Boomkat

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