Edan with guest Dagha

Critically acclaimed Boston based rapper-producer-DJ-historian Edan released his first LP on Lewis Recordings in 2002 garnering interest from both rock and hip-hop circles first in the UK, then later in his native US. The debut, entitled Primitive Plus, introduced Edan's unique and irreverent take on hip-hop's past. His next album Beauty and the Beat was widely considered a creative leap forward, and saw Edan convincingly incorporating elements of 60's psychedelia. Both albums were showered with praise, cementing Edan's reputation as one of the most daring and adventurous artists in modern day hip-hop.

Dagha, also from the rich soil of Boston, is a talented emcee who carries more than 10 years of experience and has made a substantial contribution to hip-hop. Since the age of 14, Dagha's imposing presence and unorthodox charisma has contributed to the success of many Boston rap groups including Cloke-n-Dagha, The Knights of the Roundtable (Insight, T-Ruckus and Mr. Lif), The Maysun Project, and supergroup Electric.

Edan and Dagha have been hailed as a winning combination particularly when experienced in their dynamic two-man live shows, which have been known to include anything from tables and mics to kazoos and wigs.

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