Entrance is the public title for the music of Guy Blakeslee, a 22-year-old guitarist, singer and prolific songwriter from America. “I renamed myself Entrance to offer a hint about my approach to music: a door, a way into something ‘other’" says Blakeslee. Entrance has spent the past few years journeying and performing across America and Europe playing his own shows, as well as opening for friends and contemporaries such as Yeah Yeah Yeahs (Karen O says, “I’m massively into what does right now. It takes you to a different place in space and time, which what all great music should do”), Cat Power, Will Oldham, Devendra Banhart and TV On The Radio.

Whether there are two or two thousand people in the room; whether he is alone onstage stomping a tambourine or supported by other hands and bodies, “I always throw my mind out the window and close my eyes until whoever is in charge pulls the plug”. His hope is for people to have a good time, their own kind of real good time. “I remind myself every night to present a glimpse of something crazy, fucked up, and real”. Entrance’s truly mesmerising performance at Shellac’s 2004 All Tomorrow’s Parties was for many the highlight of the weekend.

A left-handed player, lacking any formal training but overflowing with intuitive sonic wisdom, Entrance uses a right-handed guitar flipped upside-down. His aggressively rhythmic and hypnotic approach coupled with a fancy for inventive, open tunings, makes for a style that is uniquely personal – think a hybrid of Jeff Buckley, John Fahey and blues legend Skip James.

In Spring of 2003, Entrance released his US only debut album, ‘The Kingdom of Heaven Must be Taken by Storm’ on Tiger Style Records.

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