Over the last few years while out on the road supporting their self titled debut, audiences were floored by renditions of traditionals like the bittersweet Black is the color or the intergalactic take on master traveler Michael Hurley's Blue Mountain. An album of covers & traditionals was a perfect plan.

The band had been growing over the years as new friends joined and expanded the group's sound. Esperhaus, the band's creative quarters in Philly, was seeing some change in residence; some members would stay while others moved on to other places. Just as members were making some important decisions, a weed in the backyard blossomed for the first time.

Hence the name.

Selections were made: Hurley, Nico, Durutti Column, Blue Oyster Cult, trad cuts inspired by Bert Jansch & the Famous Jug Band & a new original called Dead King - a single dispatch from the future- would fill out the album.

We could call The Weed Tree yet another exemplary example of acid folk, baroque psych or sunshine pop with a sinister edge but none of this brings us any closer to giving meaning to a mess of unexplainable tears the result of the old happy/sad life humdrum that, by now, is a personal blueprint for an album gifted with the arch beauty of the Weed Tree.

Espers started just a few short years ago as a trio from Philly featuring singer/songwriter Greg Weeks, Meg Baird and Brooke Sietinsons. Their infectious sound has quickly brought them increased attention on the burgeoning Philadelphia loft scene and stints performing with legends like Bridget St. John & Michael Hurley.

Over the past year, they've dazzled audiences at music festivals in the Midwest & Northeast and have often expanded the nucleus of the group to a mesmerizing multipiece act. Their magical self titled debut combines the elemental sound of acid-folk with the baroque arrangements of late 60s chamber rock. Fully versed in the sumptuous vernacular of drug music, the cradle of Appalachian song, and the succinct truths of the three-minute pop ballad, Espers is an irresistible collection of sweet and subtle songs essential for fans of Fairport Convention, Pentangle, Jackson C. Franck, Linda Perhacs, Bread, Love & Dreams and Bert Jansch. Espers give us the sound of music the way it should be heard - with the ease, infectious grace and absolute beauty of an ever expansive trio bound for always greater pastures.

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