“A couple of years ago, a friend of mine read my astrological chart and said that the way everything was aligned showed I was tapped into to the zeitgeist, almost in a predictive way, which I thought was the most interesting commentary that could have come out of that, and really stuck. I do feel like I’m trying to tap into something outside of relationships when I write, I always feel like I want to write to a mood or a moment, or a dream more than a person."
FEATHERS’ forthcoming debut album comes after a sequence of bands for lead singer Anastasia Dimou. Her previous band Cruel Black Dove who released two EP's drew high praise from the likes of NME, The Fader and The New York Post.  With a sense of calm self-possession, FEATHERS’ sound represents Dimou with a room of her own.

Moving to Austin from NY in 2011 represented a fresh start.  “I no longer felt limited by the scene that cocooned me, a band sound, or anything really.  I wanted to detach from all the things that inevitably push people to package themselves in a certain way, and just write songs that I wanted to write, even if that meant 7 layers of background harmonies, or using samples.  I never wanted to be strictly an “electronic band” for instance, even though I am partial to it.  MIDI and synths just represented more freedom to create, and especially now, to be self-sufficient.

After a set of songs were ready, assembling a live band in Austin came together organically.  “I called on my friends to help.”  The live manifestation, which varies from a 4 to a 5-piece, includes Galexy Gehring (Ringo Deathstarr), Destiny Montague (Shock Cinema/Midnight Masses),  Courtney Voss (The Vomettes) and Kathleen Carmichael. 

Currently two tracks are available as free downloads thru the band’s Facebook page: "Land of the Innocent" and a remix from Maya Postepski (Austra, Trust) of "Dream Song."  The band's debut album will be released later in 2012.

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