Justin Broadrick, Napalm Death guitarist for some months and ideologist of Techno Animal, relaunches one of his most famous projects and recovers the industrial and toxic blasts of Godflesh, the band that this British artist formed at the end of the eighties with Christian Green and Paul Neville. Considered as pioneers of post –metal, Godflesh brought together the destructive power of metal and industrial darkness with avant-garde stunts that opened the path for bands like Nine Inch Nails. The band, that split in 2002 when Broadrick decided to concentrate his efforts on the creation of Jesu, reappeared in 2010 to take part in the Hellfest Summer Open in France and is now working on a record that could be released in 2012 to join their back catalogue that is crowned by  “Streetcleaner” and “Us And Theme”.