Iron & Wine

"Ghost on Ghost" is the fifth release from singer-songwriter Sam Beam using the pen name Iron and Wine. The new album has received early praise, with NPR Music calling Beam "a songwriter versatile enough to pack huge ideas into simple arrangements and vice versa." For "Ghost on Ghost," Beam sought to move from what he called the "anxious tension" of his two previous records. "The manner in which I went about making this record felt like a reward to myself after the last few," he says.

Helping achieve Beam's vision was a group of stellar musicians including Rob Burger, Steve Bernstein, Brian Blade, Curtis Fowlkes, Tony Garnier, Marika Hughes, Briggan Kraus, Maxim Moston, Tony Scherr, Doug Wieselman, Kenny Wolleson and Anja Wood. Burger (Tin Hat Trio) has worked with Beam intermittently through the years and handled arrangements for strings and horns on "Ghost on Ghost."