Jane Weaver

Taking influences from Eastern European childrens cinema, Germanic kunstmärchen, 70's television music and early murmers of 80's synth-pop The FALLEN BY WATCH BIRD is a new conceptual pop project featuring seven chapters of cosmic aquatic folklore by songwriter Jane Weaver ( Misty Dixon / Bird Records / B-Music).

Combining the sonic sisterhood of seven other musical actresses drawn from the past 40 years of soft-rock and femme-folk history under the collective moniker "Septieme Soeur" the new LP features rare appearences from Wendy & Bonnie (harmonic creators of 60's soft psych teen-pop rarity 'Genesis'), Lisa Jen (Starry eyed Welsh language Volk singer and female voice of Gruff Rhyss's Candylion), Susan Christie (1969 Philedelphian top-ten pop starlet whose lost acoustic pop recordings were eventually released by Finders Keepers in 2006) alongside traditional Bosnian singer Behar and members of Misty Dixon.

Casually alluding to a floating story line based around missing seamen, telekinesis, avian messengers, white witchcraft and death & re-birth, Jane’s fifth LP is released on her own label Bird Records and is her first fully realised concept album. Sharing themes explored in her acclaimed 2002 LP "Like An Aspen Leaf' (recorded with members of the embryonic band Elbow) The FALLEN BY WATCH BIRD also revisits collaborative production techniques explored alongside Dave Tyack in her previous synth-fuelled girl-groop band Misty Dixon. They drew comparisons to American Spring and Suicide and shining reviews across the board.

The project, recorded sporadically over a 2-year hiatus was initially conceived after assembling a one-off supergroup featuring Susan Christie and Wendy Flower under the direction of Andy Votel and Sean O Hagan as part of Jarvis Cockers Meltdown Festival in 2007.

The FALLEN BY WATCH BIRD is a rare furay into the public eye for Miss Weaver . Having spent recent years residing under an apple tree on the outer limits of Greater Manchester surrounded by small children and double-time-clock-chimes Jane has managed to leave a trail of carefully placed musical crumbs marking her retreat from Manchester’s municipal public-eye into enigmatic and industrious obscurity. A one time omnipresent ambassador of Manchesters vibrant indie scene where she shared studio time and record grooves with Elbow, Doves, Andy Votel and Badly Drawn Boy. Jane decided to pitch her tee-pee in the left field accompanied by her custom-built farfisa fuelled girl-group Misty Dixon (Twisted Nerve). Leading to three solo albums released through Parisian imprints and her own label of labourios love 'Bird Records' (B-Music). Jane now curates small and perfectly formed releases for her femme-folk orientated label giving wings to seldom sung songbirds with similar tastes in seed. The FALLEN BY WATCH BIRD concept will hatch and fly the nest this summer…..

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