Jon Benjamin & Jon Glaser (The Fuggedabuddies)

Jon Benjamin and Jon Glaser are comedy writers and performers operating out of New York City. Existing slightly below the radar of mainstream America, both Benjamin and Glaser are perhaps two of the funniest people that you’ve never heard of. Benjamin is an accomplished writer for various projects that shall go unnamed, though most fans would recognize his voice as that of Coach McGuirk, the booze hound, highland dancer in the short lived Adult Swim series Home Movies. Glaser was a writer for Late Nite with Conan O’Brien, and will often pop in to do the occasional sketch now and then. Though again, fans of Adult Swim programming would most likely notice Glaser’s voice as that of Stroker, from Adult Swim’s buddy cop animated series, Stroker and Hoop.

While stand up comedy isn’t necessarily their bread and butter, they do enjoy performing various bits at local shows around New York, including a show they co-host once a month in New York called Midnight Pajama Jam. For fans, a live DVD taping of Midnight Pajama Jam is currently in post production and should see the light of day sometime later this year. Until then however, you can catch both Benjamin and Glaser on Comedy Central’s recent CD/DVD compilation, “Invite Them Up.” Both performers appear on audio tracks, as well as a stand out performance on the DVD as a couple of San Diego transplants that think they’re from New Jersey.

- Gordon Downs

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