Keiji Haino

Keiji Haino (born 1952 in Chiba prefecture, Japan) currently performs as a vocalist, guitarist, percussionist, on hurdy-gurdy, tone generators, and a myriad of ethnic and ancient instruments. Previous bands and projects include Lost Aaraaff, God's Orchestra White One Man Theatre, Fushitsusha, Nijiumu, Vajra, Aihiyo, Knead (with Ruins), Head Rush, Kikuri and Sanhedrin.

He currently performs in a vast array of contexts and forms solo, with Fushitsusha (currently duo with a bassist Yasushi Ozawa) and Aihiyo, and in collaboration with musicians both Japanese and foreign (previous collaborators are too many to mention, but have included Motoharu Yoshizawa, Kazutoki Umezu, Yoshisaburo Toyozumi, Shuichi Chino, Ayuo Takahashi, Michiyo Yagi, Yukuhiro Isso, John Zorn, Bill Laswell, Peter Brotzmann, Thurston Moore, Barre phillips, Faust, Tony Conrad, Mayo Thompson, AMM, Z'EV, Derek Bailey, Christian Marclay, Fred Frith, Lauren Mazzacane Coners, etc.). He has released well in excess of 100 record and CDs.