Kling Klang

Kling Klang are an experimental kraut-punk band from Liverpool consisting of noisy synths and drums. Starting as a trio in 1999, Kling Klang began making music using only cheap keyboards and manually operated drum machines fed through distorted amps. Initially setting out to be a guitar-based rock group, the use of the above instruments was intended only for the first gig to counteract the lack of a full line-up/drummer/etc. But instead, excited with the sonic impact of this accidental setup - they decided to embrace & start writing songs with this new sound.

This line-up went on to release a few 7" singles capturing these askew drone-fuelled yet melodic arrangements, which at the time were enthusiastically received, by John Peel and the underground press.

In 2001 the band became a 5-piece, ditching the drum machines altogether in favour of adding live drums, vintage synths & minimal use of guitar. Releasing the Nexus/Apex single with this new heavier line-up, the band moved further into previously uncharted space-punk terroritory. Following the excitement of this release and their increasingly confident live performances, they were invited by bands such as Mogwai, Stereolab, Clinic and Trans Am to tour with them, regularly sending their partisan crowds away talking as much about the support as the headline act.

In June 2002 the band in collaboration with respected German performance artist/mineralogist Mister B presented the ambitious live performance - "Esthetik Of Destruction". A stunning sound and visual performance situated in a Liverpool warehouse involving 14 televisions converted to transform sound into incredible optical effects.

The Superposition EP was released on Rock Action Records in 2003. It featured the electronic stoner-rock classic "Heavydale" and awesome reviews were bestowed upon it across the mainstream rock press, including 'Single Of The Week' in UK mag Kerrang! from the famous boy Jack Osbourne. Jack declared "it's like...electronic stoner rock...very doomy...like a good 70's jam...very sabbath...sit back and nod your head to it...I don't what this sounds like!...KKKKK"

Following a UK wide tour with label bosses Mogwai, Kling Klang took an extended hiatus leading to fans clamouring for an album wondering if it would ever appear. During this lull, members of the band pursued other projects including bass duties with Part Chimp, drumming with Moniak and setting up a studio and building 'synthlab'.

But now, Kling Klang is back and on the 13th November 2006, the long awaited debut album "ESTHETIK OF DESTRUCTION" finally dropped on Mogwai's Rock Action Records. It features all of the bands recordings to date, as well as some brand new, previously unreleased material.

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