Le Volume Courbe

A sweetly sinister river of lights and shadows, whispers and screams, the first album by Le Volume Courbe is the work of Charlotte Marionneau. Eclectic, experimental and strangely compelling, it’s been described as “impossible to describe”. Once heard, Le Volume Courbe’s playful, powerful songs of innocence and intrigue are not easily forgotten.

Le Volume Courbe - it means “the volume curve” - is the name of a sculpture by an old friend in France. “When I was a teenager, this painter inspired me to be creative. I’d loved this sculpture, and when I needed a band name it suddenly hit me. The beauty is, it can mean so many different things. I also dream of converting the waves of the curves on an electrocardiogram machine, from someone in a coma, into music - I’m still looking into the practicalities of that.”

Settling in England, Charlotte began composing, receiving vital encouragement from musicians like Hope Sandoval, Kevin Shields, David Roback and Colm O’Ciosoig, all of whom contribute to the record. Most of it was recorded at home. Enchanting and elusive, this diary of dreams is an extraordinary debut. Listen close.

-   Chris Roberts

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