21st Century acid rock fountain heads, Lilys, formed in Washington DC in 1988 led by then 17 year old Kurt K. Heasley. A Floridian by birth, Kurt spent his early years in Hopatcong, NJ and in Virginia Beach, later making his home in Northern Virginia and DC. Recording in DC’s Inner Ear Studio, Lilys first seven inch single February 14th was released in 1991. Two and a half albums, one International television advertising campaign and three years later Kurt found himself in Denver writing Better Can’t Make Your Life Better. It was with this album that Kurt was able to show his admiration of the 12 string “Style” of Mike Nesmith and Stream of Consciousness lyricism.

By 1995 Kurt had migrated to Boston to form the well known version of Lilys. It was there that Beachwood Sparks drummer Aaron Sperske and Torben Pastore entered the Lilys entity. Lilys spent the next five years recording and touring globally, including the first fully live performance on Top of The Pops since Aerosmith in 1978. In 2000 Kurt began recording Precollection in Philadelphia. Three producers and three years later the Guru of Soul, Michael Musmanno arrived to realize the full potential of this and all subsequent Lilys recordings. Kurt continues to lead various incarnations of Lilys.

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