Lonesome Organist

The Lonesome Organist is Jeremy Jacobsen. He plays Organ, Piano, Drums, Guitar, Steel Drums, Toy Piano, Vibraphone, Marimba, Toy Vibraphone, Harmonica, and programming.This one man band astounds the crowds by playing drums, organ, harominca, toy piano, toy vibes and singing - All at the same time!

Jeremy's music is equal parts carnival - the travelling variety, Italian soundtrack, and the blessed primative, R & B based Rock and Roll. Some may be familiar with Mr Jacobsen as he has loaned his musical expertise and eccentricity to records by the John Spencer Blues Explosion, Euphone, PW Long's Reelfoot and the recently re-formed 5ive Style among others.

Mr. Jacobsen resides in Chicago, Illinois.

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