MadLove is a new project from Trevor Dunn (of Mr Bungle, Secret Chiefs 3, Fantomas, Trevor Dunn's Trio-Convulsant and many more)

1968: Born traversing a fine line between hippies and rednecks behind the Redwood Curtain; a curtain that encases an over-abundance of half-way houses, an over-consumption of Rolaids, a penchant for domestic violence and DUIs and a high rate of testicular cancer. There are also some lovely tide pools up near Trinidad. First musical affinities: The Beach Boys, Blondie, Cheap Trick, Kiss. First television: Ultraman, Speedracer, Bugs Bunny. First films: Over the Edge, The Mouse and His Child, Snoopy Come Home, Bedknobs & Broomsticks. First books: Zylpha Keatly Snyder's Witches of Worm, The Velvet Room and The Headless Cupid.

1977: began studies on clarinet

1981: began studies on electric bass and subsequently quit the clarinet as I realized that girls would now talk to me.

1986: The same year that Lynch's Blue Velvet and Slayer's Reign In Blood were released, graduated from EHS. The school's motto: "Pigs live in litter, loggers live in pride". In high school I rebeled from my peers by not drinking. Started a band called Mr. Bungle. Then I got a job at Shakey's Pizza. I shaved my head and all the heshers got pissed. Began classical technique studies on the contrabass.

1990: Graduated from Humboldt State University after studying the likes of Harry Partch, Iannis Xenakis, Alban Berg, Igor Stravinksy, Gustav Mahler, JS Bach, you know, all the cats.

1992: Moved in with the bass player of Eggley Bagelface in San Francisco. First MB record released on WB. The following 8 years included too many weddings & restaurant gigs and not enough playing with Graham Connah, Ben Goldberg, John Schott, Scott Amendola, Elliot Humberto Kavee, Phillip Greenlief, et al.

2000: Moved to Brooklyn

2001: Got mugged between Williamsburg & Bushwick

Currently doing the same shit I've always done: writing music, being anti-social, collecting records, watching the Twilight Zone.