Michael Gira (Angels of Light / Swans)

Although perhaps best known for his work as the frontman for eighties volume & intensity disciples, The Swans, Michael Gira is also an accomplished writer (short stories/poems - a favourite of both Henry Rollins and Nick Cave), spoken word performer, and A&R man for his own label; Young God Records, discovering and nurturing Devendra Banhart, Lisa Germano and the Akron/Family amongst others. Young God is also the home for Gira's own solo projects and since 1995 he has released some seven full length albums. Acoustic they may be but these albums including: Drainland, Somniloquist, I Am Singing To You From My Room still retain the intensity - though not the volume, obviously - of The Swans. "Gira's music tends to be sparser, but old obsessions are maintained....You get a feeling of what feeds his horrid fascinations, and it's riveting..." - Rolling Stone