Miighty Flashlight

MIIGHTY FLASHLIGHT must be viewed from an angle, using one's peripheral vision. Otherwise, he might jump away like a fox or a rabbit on the moor.

When he takes the stage, don't use flash bulbs, laser pointers, incendiaries , flash pots or confetti cannons. They are not permitted for the usual socio-psycho-sexual/religious reasons.

You'll spoil the gig and cheat yourself of the chance to eye-witness an arcane demonstration; the transmutation of simple, primitive musical notes into unsettling, affecting and cunning compositions.

Instead of the usual collage of platonic references from the past, you will see a pioneer of "smudging vulcanist noise"; one of the true prophets of the current collapse.

His performances are subtle alchemy which he is loathe to share. Using a mirror, you can decipher some of the special semantics he utilizes, though these are typically useless without the proper training.

Mike Fellows AKA THE MIIGHTY FLASHLIGHT studied in the two most unholy bio-magnetic centers of the "New Atlantis". Borne in Khartoum and raised in Boca Raton ("The Mouth of The Rat"), he moved to Washington, D.C. ("Insatiable Corner") at an early age where he was quickly initiated into various anti-authoritarian radical groups. The influence these organizations, INSURRECTION, RITES OF SPRING, GOVERNMENT ISSUE , HAPPY GO LICKY, GETAWAY CAR, ETC. had on revolutionary culture cannot be underestimated.

The second phase of his remarkable activism took place with NYC ("New Young Cobra") as his base. From this place he collaborated with artists such as BONNIE 'PRINCE' BILLY, SMOG, ROYAL TRUX, SILVER JEWS et al.

Unbeknownst to R.A.G., Fellows was simultaneously working on MIIGHTY FLASHLIGHT (S/T 2000, Jade Tree) and it's follow up "Limited Storyline Guest" (2005,Vertical Form)

These were originally envisioned for use in a program to eroticize commodities which had no traditional fetish qualities but were turned in too late.

These artifacts were venom daggers pointed at the heart of the craven running dogs who control the aesthetic dictums of the music industry and their insidious manipulation of it's degraded hapless work force.

MIIGHTY FLASHLIGHT is a secret hero to all those who envision a real role for art in the life of the people.

Bio by Ian Svenonius/ Black Gemini

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