Mike Ladd

Mike Ladd makes music he wants to hear on his Walkman. Fucked-up subway shit?Get out to the park 79 degree-type shit?Or it's cold & cloudy but you're with somebody you dig-type shit. It's City music that's headed for the outskirts - the new dirty suburbs where all the misfits have come & gone: Bad Brains, De La Soul, Public Enemy, Divine Styler, Fishbone, Ween. More than anything, its music for the Afterfuture, music for a time even science fiction can't keep up with. Haille-Bop all the way home. Fuck you and your wonderful life-type shit. It's stuck in transit, but in a beautiful way - just like we are.

Mike Ladd's been rhyming, or something like it, since '85. Before that he played drums in a punk rock band. Before that he wrote poetry. Mike is out to avoid clich?s (except, of course, the space echo). The world is boggling to Mike Ladd and he likes that. He's right here on this Earth fighting for a space in Heaven like everyone else. He takes a number and waits. And while he's here he makes music.

Vernacular Homicide is Mike's second album. Before this, he released a full-length, Easy Listening for Armageddon, on Scratchie/Mercury Records. He's also released a single, Blah Blah, on Big Dada/Ninja Tune and appeared on the groundbreaking Eargasms EP (Ozone) along with Mos Def, Company Flow & Saul Williams. Upcoming projects include: a single on the Beastie Boys' label, Grand Royal; a contribution to Unbound (NuGruv), the benefit album for political prisoner Mumia Abu Jamal; a Live in Paris full-length CD; a contribution to the Collision Course compilation (Ill/PIAS); a guest appearance on Ken Ishii's new album; a remix on Enrico Macias' new album; a guest appearance on The Prison Project benefit album (Raptivism); and a yet-to-be-titled side project under a yet-to-be-titled alias, to be released on Big Dada/Ninja Tune

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