Mira Calix

Mira Calix, real name Chantal Passamonte, is an artist signed to Warp Records who mixes her intimate vocals with jittering beats and experimental electronic textures. Having previously worked as press officer for Warp Records she quit to concentrate on producing her own material. Her first release on Warp was the “Ilanga” 10” co-produced with Autechre. The “Pin Skeeling” single followed in 1998m notably featuring a Boards of Canada remix. Her debut album “One on One” was released by Warp on March 6, 2000. This was followed by a cd release of her radio sessions for John Peel later that year. The “Prickle ep” was released in 2001 featuring an Andrea Parker remix.

2003 saw the release of Nunu, a limited edition cd and t-shirt designed by Catherine Haines. The cd featured an 13 minute excerpt from a 30-minute piece created especially for the Micro Music-la Batie Festival De Geneve, 2002, later performed at the Royal Festival Hall. The track is based around the sounds of insects.

Passamonte’s 2nd full album, Skimskitta was released on Warp in March 2003, featuring more intricate and dark melodies than her debut.

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