Monotonix are a punk trio from Tel Aviv, featuring guitar (Yonatan), drums (Ran) and vocals (Ami). They formed in November 2005, set up on the floor of the club with the audience, and the party began. But the party usually got too wild, the power got cut, the cops were called and Monotonix were banned from playing again almost everywhere. Before long, they were looking for good places to play outside of Israel — and they were delighted to find that there are more rock and roll party places outside of Israel than inside!

Today, Monotonix are the hardest working rock band in the world. Sure, lots of other bands work up a sweat, but Monontonix are definitely the only band who puts in the kind of miles they do, and they rock rings around pretty much the rest of us too. These guys do two different shows in two different towns on the same day whenever they can manage it. But that’s only the tip of the hard-working iceberg.

“Body Language” sounds almost like a Monotonix show. The only thing you can’t hear is the sound of your heart beating in your ears after having been chased around the room by a vocalist with his pants literally on fire, then getting doused with beer and dancing your ass off to the guitar riffage, then ending it all by carrying the drummer around on your shoulders while a few other guys hold his kit up so he can keep drumming. You don’t end up quite as out of breath when listening “Body Language,” but you do get a ton of excitement anyway, courtesy of a killer guitar sound, precision power drumming and lusty lead vocals (with just a few little overdub touches, to add even more excitement).

Yeah, Monotonix tour a lot — not like there’s no tomorrow, but like there’s a tomorrow in which they have another few gigs. And they play shows balls-out (not literally – that would take a perverse motherfucker – and Ami isn’t perverse, he’s just a populist). Taking a bit of a rest after 250 or so shows last year, they recorded “Body Language” with Tim Green (of The Fucking Champs) at Louder Studios in San Francisco. Even then, they didn’t rest, taking frequent day trips to play a rock show and then drive back to the studio. The hard work has paid off – “Body Language” twists and grooves with all the fun and fervor of great rock and roll. The music is for the good times, and for asking yourself if you can learn a new language – “Body Language,” player!