Normal Echo

Dawid Szczesny is a Polish musician who has been dedicated to experimental electronica since the early 2000s. His work was acclaimed also by the British music magazine Wire. Szczesny's last project was the coldwave duo Niwea, a collaboration with polish visual artist and poet Wojcek Bakowski, that made both of them reasonably successful in Poland. After 2 years in Berlin, Szczesny is back with his new solo project Normal Echo.

Since the first moments of Normal Echo, it is clear this project is something totaly different from Szczesny's other solo work. Not only is Normal Echo different in terms of music, but its approach to perfomance is also new in a very personal and intense way.
The title of the record, Private Behaviour has to do with Szczesny's interest in the differences of people's public and private personas. It is also meaningful within the whole concept of Normal Echo, with Dawid presenting his private sphere, even though it can be only a public game.

Normal Echo is interesting in its straightforwardness and rawness. Thanks to Szczesny's excellent production, the tracks have a splendid sound and in some moments a potential to act as catchy and dark pop tunes. Sczesny is either a singer nor a poet and his lyrics and vocals have a crude form. In a way they fit the overall sound of the LP and push his vision of coldwave more into punkish and angry domains.

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