Papier Tigre

PAPIER TIGRE (pronounced “Papyeah Teegrr”) are a 3 piece rock band from Nantes, France, comprising Eric Pasquereau (guitar/vocals), Arthur de la Grandiere (guitar), and Pierre Antoine Parois (drums). Having played together in various projects over the years (the critically acclaimed Room 204, The patriotic sunday and Argument), they finally found the opportunity to form a band and pursue their own ideas in January 2006. The energy and dynamic amongst the three musicians was instant, and within the short space of a year enough material for a self-titled debut album was completed. The album was released in France & Europe in April 2007 through French indie label: Collectif Effervescence.

In the absence of a bass guitar, PAPIER TIGRE’s sound is built around pounding tribal drums that propel each song forward with ruthless efficiency. This urgency is underlined by the distinctive and insistent vocals of Eric, his strained yelps acting as a rallying cry to the guitars, which occupy the space between voice and drums and make it their own. Whether working together or against each other, the interplay between the two instruments is explosive. Brittle melodies seemingly scrap with vicious riffs, before the two suddenly come together to deliver the coup de grace. This is art punk, but at it’s most primal.

PAPIER TIGRE understands that a song being intelligent and complex need not exclude it from having a raw, danceable energy. Their music firmly entrenched in the tradition of inventive, challenging punk - think Fugazi, Q and Not U, The Ex - yet whilst PAPIER TIGRE have drawn influence from these bands, they have a style and delivery all of their own. The mode of communication is rooted firmly in the contemporary; rhythmically and vocally these songs recall the mutant, angular disco of Chinese Stars or Liars.

But above all, PAPIER TIGRE is an impressive live act and a somehow tireless touring band. In less than a year after they started from scratch, they already played a commanding total of more than 120 shows in 15 different countries ranging from Europe to China.

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