Slint formed in 1985 in Louisville, Kentucky, with the idea of making music that sounded like plants. It members were Ethan Buckler, Britt Walford, and David Pajo. Brian McMahan was soon asked to join. They went on to record their first record, Tweez (1989,) with Steve Albini, after which Buckler left the band. Todd Brashear, a fan, then joined on bass. The band members all went to college, where the basic ideas for the songs that would make up its subsequent recordings, Spiderland (1990,) and an untitled single (recorded in 1989,) took shape. The following summer, the band practiced many hours, on many days of the week, and then recorded Spiderland that fall at the studio in downtown Chicago where Brian worked. Spiderland began selling a small, but noteworthy, amount, steadily and based solely upon word of mouth, until the present day. Slint, without Brashear, embarked on several “reunion” tours in 2005 and 2007, thanks to trailblazing promoter, Barry Hogan. Finally, Slint comes to make a very special appearance at ATP in 2013.