autumn 1989 trio "veslefrekk" was formed by ståle, jarle and arve in trondheim
the norwegian name means 'small spot'
1993-1994 veslefrekk recorded their first album "veslefrekk" in trondheim, december 1993, which was released in 1994 from the norwegian label nor-cd
1993-1994 helge joined in the norwegian (rock) group motorpsycho from trondheim, recorded album "demon box" and eps, and left the group
10.10.1994 helge aka deathprod released his first solo album "treetop drive part 1-3, towboat" from metal art disco / voices of wonder
1996 helge aka deathprod released his second solo album "imaginary songs from tristan da cunha" from norwegian label dbut
31.05.1997 as "veslefrekk with deathprod", four members of supersilent played together for the first time at the bergen jazz festival "nattjazz", norway, without any prior rehearsal
aug-oct 1997 recording sessions for their first album
  the name, "supersilent", derives from a logo on the side of a truck spotted in oslo.
01.12.1997 their first triple album "1-3" was released from the norwegian label rune grammofon
this was the first album also for the label
30.09.1998 helge (deathprod) released a sprit album "nordheim translformed" with biosphere (geir jenssen) from rune grammofon. an album of collections of 'transformed' arne nordheim composition
23.11.1998 released the second album "4"
a studio recording
from 01.2000 rune grammofon catalogs including supersilent 4 are distributed worldwide by ecm records
14.05.2001 released the third album "5"
selected live recording 1999 -2000
15.10.2001 arve released his first solo album "sakuteiki" from rune grammofon which was recorded and produced by helge
10.2002 "1-3" and "4" were reissued with new 'standard' packaging
20.01.2003 released the fourth album "6"
a studio recording
20.08.2003 released the vinyl version of "6"
2 lp, limited to 1000 copies
14.02.2004 "6" was awarded alarmprisen for jazz categoly, the alternative norwegian grammy

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