Swervedriver was formed in Britain in 1990 by vocalists/guitarists Adam Franklin and Jimmy Hartridge, bassist Adi Vines, and drummer Graham Bonnar. Fusing swirling textures with the more traditional boundaries of rock, the group debuted with a series of brilliant EPs -- Son of Mustang Ford, Rave Down, and Sandblasted -- before issuing their full-length debut, Raise, in 1991. After a U.S. tour in support of Soundgarden, Bonnar left the band, followed quickly by the departure of Vines; 1992's Never Lose That Feeling EP, their strongest effort to date, initially appeared to mark the group's swan song. But in 1993, Swervedriver returned; with the core of Franklin and Hartridge rounded out by new drummer Jez Hindmarsh and bass player Steve George, they released their sophomore LP Mezcal Head. An import-only release, Ejector Seat Reservation, followed in 1995; in the fall of 1998, Swervedriver resurfaced with their fourth effort, 99th Dream.

In late 2005 a two-disc retrospective "Juggernaut Rides" was released on Castle Music. The collection included rare b-sides and demos from the band plus classic songs Duress, Son of Mustang Ford, Rave Down and more. This release is available in record stores and on Amazon.com.

In 2008 Swervedriver reunited for a short tour of the States with Adam Franklin on vocals and guitars, Jimmy Hartridge on guitar, Steve George on bass and Jez Hindmarsh on drums.

In late 2008 Reissues of Raise, Mezcal Head and Ejector Seat Reservation were released to the world. The reissues contained songs from singles and b-sides. The Raise and Mezcal Head reissues were made available to the States in January.

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