The Declining Winter

The meanderings of Richard Vincent Adams of Leeds, West Yorkshire. A musical project to keep me occupied whilst my other group is on hiatus and so I can pretend that I'm not just an office worker by trade.

I'm attempting to keep this project environmentally friendly and so the first 7" 'The Future Sound of Hip Hop parts 1 and 2' was housed in 100% recycled packaging. The initial copies came with a bonus CD of remixes by Epic 45, Remote Viewer, Part Timer and Northstation, this has now sold out. A seperate 3" cd of remixes/collaborations came out on Moteer in January and further remixes (including those which appeared on the cd with the earlier single) are available from Mobeer... if you have the password which comes with the Moteer release. Confused? Yes, so am I.

The album 'Goodbye, Minnesota' is out now on Ireland's Rusted Rail records. Again it has recycled sleeves - can you see a pattern emerging? None of these activities has anything to do with popular demand by the way. The album will be appearing on vinyl sometime in 2009 but for god's sake don't hold your breath.

The next Declining Winter record proper is entitled 'Haunt the Upper Hallways' and appears on Home Assembly Music in luxurious 7" AND CD format with the 7" containing three songs and the CD containing the same three songs plus 7 bonus ones.

A further mini album - a collaboration with Turkey based dulcimer player Joel Hanson - is almost complete and will be released sometime in early 2010.

The Declining Winter live band at the moment consists of R.Vincent Adams, Paul Elam, Gareth S Brown, Sarah Kemp and/or Elaine Reynolds, plus Richard Morris or James Yates, and has become a tight rocking unit. It made its debut on March 20th 2008 at the Packhorse in Leeds.