The Flesh Eaters

The FLESH EATERS band was originally started in the Fall of 1977 by Chris D., then a film school graduate and an English teacher at a small private high school in Los Angeles. They played their first gig at the legendary Masque December 21, 1977. Some of the musicians who have been in previous FLESH EATERS line-ups include Tito Larriva (PLUGZ, CRUZADOS, TITO & THE TARANTULAS), Stan Ridgeway (WALL OF VOODOO), John Doe & D.J. Bonebrake (X), Dave Alvin & Bill Bateman (THE BLASTERS), Steve Berlin (THE BLASTERS, LOS LOBOS), Jill Jordan (CASTRATION SQUAD), Texas Terri Laird (KILLER CROWS, TEXAS TERRI & THE STIFF ONES), Shepherd Stevenson (PYGMY LOVE CIRCUS, LUX), Annette Zilinskas (BLOOD ON THE SADDLE, THE BANGLES, THE RINGLING SISTERS) and Iris Berry (THE RINGLING SISTERS, PINK SABBATH).

Singer/Songwriter Chris D. was a featured writer at SLASH Magazine from early 1978 through its last issue in the Fall of 1980. He also worked as A&R and in-house producer for SLASH and RUBY Records from 1980 through the Spring of 1984. As well as acting as producer on all FLESH EATERS albums, he also co-produced the debut album of THE GUN CLUB "Fire Of Love" with Tito Larriva in 1982. He also produced debut albums of THE DREAM SYNDICATE "Days Of Wine & Roses", GREEN ON RED "Gravity Talks" and THE LAZY COWGIRLS. He also remixed THE MISFITS "Walk Among Us" LP w/ Glenn Danzig. He produced the live album "Mesmerizer" by Australia's legendary garage kings, THE LIPSTICK KILLERS. Most recently (1997) he co-produced the second album from San Francisco's PHOENIX THUNDERSTONE "Stained Glass Trash" w/ singer-guitarist Wendy Van Dusen.

THE FLESH EATERS had originally stopped performing in late spring 1983 to be replaced by Chris D.'s new band, DIVINE HORSEMEN (featuring co-lead vocalist and then spouse Julie Christensen). DIVINE HORSEMEN recorded and performed from 1984 through January 1988 (when both the band and Chris & Julie's marriage broke up). In 1989 Chris D. recorded an LP with the one-time group STONE-BY-STONE which -- since the style of music was identical -- changed their name back to THE FLESH EATERS. They continued to perform on the west coast as well as record two more albums and an EP before discontinuing performances in the Spring of 1993. Chris D. recorded a solo album in the Summer of 1994 (released January 1995).

THE FLESH EATERS didn't perform live again until the Summer of 1997 (when Chris put together a new line-up and began recording demos of the return album). Due to Chris' commitment to travel to Japan in the Fall of 1997 (on a research grant for a film encyclopedia on Japanese gangster films of the 1960s-'70s), recording and performing plans for THE FLESH EATERS latest line-up had to be put on hold until January of 1998.

Recording of the album "Ashes of Time" began in April 1998. Mixing was completed in the first week of August '98; remixes were completed in January 1999. This current line-up of THE FLESH EATERS began performing again in May of 1998.

In 2004 the new album "Miss Muerte" was released. Several of the tunes are used in the new film Chris Desjardins wrote and directed, "I Pass For Human".

Although Chris D. continued playing and recording off-and-on with several different, popular Flesh Eaters' line-ups untl 2000 and 2003 respectively, this particular line-up of The Flesh Eaters has not played together since the Spring of 1981. Because all of its members hailed from other performing bands - John Doe and DJ Bonebrake from X, Dave Alvin and Bill Bateman from The Blasters and Steve Berlin from Los Lobos - there was no possibility of making this a permanent line-up. However, the one studio album they left behind, A MINUTE TO PRAY, A SECOND TO DIE, and a handful of live shows from January to April 1981, burned themselves into the collective memory of The Fle sh Eaters'fanbase. Here they are again on the 25th Aniversary of their break-up, performing at ATP!

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